Federico Tenca Montini, PhD Dr. Sc.

Federico Tenca Montini, PhD Dr. Sc.

Research associate, Institute for Historical Studies of the Science and Research Centre Koper


Diplomatic history, Political history, Memory studies, Media studies
Federico Tenca Montini
After completing my master’s in Sociology, I have been enrolled in a joint PhD programme at the universities in Teramo and Zagreb (mentor prof. Tvrtko Jakovina). I later dealt with various aspects of the Slovene minority in Italy during two post-doc researches at the University in Trieste. I have authored two books (2014 and 2020, the latter also available in Croatian (2021) and Slovenian (2023) translations) and scientific publications in Italian, English and Croatian. Besides my research commitments in the frame of ERC ‘Open Borders’, I am currently participating in various research programmes for the Regional Institute of History of the Resistance Movement and the Contemporary Age (Irsrec FVG).

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9095-1093
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